Your organisation & Namla

Why anthropological methods?

Inductive, qualitative, social science research can find answers to questions that many other research methods fail to adequately address. Does your organisation have trouble understanding why a certain audience does not behave how you expected or would like them to? Have surveys or market research not provided conclusive answers or paths forward? Or do you feel like you might be missing a part of the link between the product or programme and the users of it? This is where anthropological methods can help you.

Watch Tricia Wang explain why human insights missing from big data sets can be detrimental to a company.

Read how Open Policy Lab, as part of the UK government, improves policy through observing how it plays out in the lives of citizens.

Listen to This Anthro Life, a podcast that demonstrates the value and use of anthropological ways of thinking across many sectors and geographies.

Why use Namla’s bootcamps?

At Namla we believe that better solutions are possible, for (commercial, not-for-profit and governmental) organisations and for the clients and citizens they serve. We are on a mission to connect organisations to anthropological research methods, for better solutions to the world’s wicked problems.

We organize bootcamps where participants use fast ethnography and design thinking to create and test prototypes for new solutions. 

  • 3-4 teams of social scientists and designers will research your question
  • Bottom up, inductive research with anthropological methods & frameworks
  • Each team pitches their work and found solution to you at the end
  • The whole process takes only a few weeks

Examples of questions our process can be applied to:

  • Sustainability: why does your client (either B2B or customer) have trouble (frequently) using the product?
  • Policy decisions: is your organisation’s policy truly helping the people you intend to help? And is it with the problem you intended to help them with?
  • Societal engagement, democracy & citizen participation: why are citizens not showing up to the events you organized to receive feedback? How do citizens wish to engage with your programme or product?
  • Diversity & inclusion: is your approach as successful as you hope? Do people genuinely feel safe at work or have things been misinterpreted, been miscommunicated, or turned out differently in practice?

Options for working with us

If you have a question that you think a bootcamp could help along, feel free to reach out. Our programme can be customized if this is your wish or if we deem it necessary for your question. A standard bootcamp for a commercial party comes to around 10.000€.

For NGOs, (semi-)government organisations, and social enterprises, we work with a reduced pricing model (starting at around half of a commercial fee). Reach out to learn more.

Also, we are involved in several social partnerships and have applied for funding in consortia before. Reach out if you think adding bootcamps to your team’s project proposal would benefit you!